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Welcome! If your not a SAG-Aftra professional stunt double or athlete you might think this is the most ridiculous Ninja Database and Website ever created- But it isn't. At one point- just a dream, but caffeine and determination prevailed! The Ninja Clubs obsession to create the worlds greatest Ninja Database has...well ... just begun! Let me tell you a little bit about The Ninja Club. We are dedicated to providing information, resources and sometimes just a general point in the right direction for any aspiring action actor. Because that is the Ninja Way! With an elite network of Ninja Friends, Ninja Gyms and production Resources The Ninja Club Production Company is open for Action Business. Are you a Ninja? Reach out and join our Ninja Database


The Ninja Club was created by stuntman Ryan Carr and his elite athletic network of colleges. Ninja Club members work toward sharing production knowledge, skill-sets, and educational tools with people seeking a way to learn how to become professional performers in the entertainment industry. This network has been utilized by entertainment industry stunt coordinators, professional gymnastics coaches and fight choreographers nationwide and is designed to unify networks and similar groups.