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Tim's Stunt Reel and IMDB Link.

All the time spent on set worked to his advantage as he met with people in the environment and understood how the industry works. The passion to learn more surrounding this industry cultivated a burning desire to excel within it, so he began taking classes, and training in stunts on a daily basis. From learning how to perform advanced high falls, drifting cars, and becoming lit on fire, the sensation to continue his abilities did not slow down. It was only a matter of time until he began a new career in horse riding, becoming an equestrian stunt performer aboard one of the world’s largest live theatrical jousting shows. For more than 9 years now, Tim has been falling off horses, and sword fighting every day for a living. 

Tim on IMDB

Tim currently is pursuing his dreams working on the big shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, and Empire. His latest work was on the movie Captive State. So if he’s not in the rink playing ice hockey or in the dirt jousting and horse playing around, you’ll see him on the big screen!